Hebatullah Hussein BDS, MDS, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow

Project: Proteomics based characterization of immune modulation  

Alice, Fang Chi Li DDS, MSc, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow

Project: Characterizing apical papillae organoid and cellular crosstalk

Rajeshwari Sidappa (Periodontics)
Doctoral (PhD) Student

Project: Cellular interactions in root resorption and nanotherapeutics

Shivam Sharma (Biotechnology)
Doctoral (PhD) Student

Project: Heterogeneous cell-based diabetic wound model and therapeutics

Nandita Menon (Chemical Engineering)
Doctoral (PhD) Student

Project: Modeling neurogenic inflammation

Dani Stein (MSc - Endodontics)
Master (MSc) Student

Project: Photo-biomechanics of endodontic access cavities

Emily Bishop (MSc - Endodontics)
Master (MSc) Student

Project: Assesing the inhibitory mechanism of multifunctional nanoparticles on root resorption

Armin M. Souzani
Master (MSc Research) Student

Project: Impact of hydrostatic pressure in  the mechanotransduction of a PDL tissue graft model 

Lauren Rotondi
MSc (Endodontics)

Project: Integrin and cadherin in Stem Cells from Apical Papilla (SCAP) - macrophage crosstalk