Dr. Anil Kishen has a unique background in clinical sciences (Dentistry, Endodontics) and Biomedical Engineering. After his stint as a faculty member at the National University of Singapore, he moved to the University of Toronto, where he is currently a Full-Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry.
The framework of Dr. Kishen’s research program is to integrate his interdisciplinary expertise in bioengineering and clinical sciences to study functional tissue engineering in wound healing. The focus of his lab has been to investigate targeted antibiofilm strategies, immunomodulation and understanding immune cell-host (stem) cell interactions in disease and healing. His lab pioneers multifunctional nanoparticles-based therapeutics to treat biofilm-mediated infection. They have also invented a microbubble-based strategy for enhanced antimicrobial efficacy and fluid dynamic characteristics within micro-spaces. Dr. Kishen is a strong advocate for high-quality translational research benefiting patient care.

Current Academic Appointments:

  • Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Oral Health Nanomedicine.
  • Dr. Lloyd and Mrs. Kay Chapman Chair in Clinical Sciences.
  • Associate Dean, Graduate Education, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.
  • Associate Scientist – Mount Sinai Hospital