Kishen collaborated to assess the effectiveness of a varnish for (a) to inhibit plaque formation and (b) as a possible replacement of fluoride varnish in orthodontic patients

This double blinded randomised controlled trial showed that the varnish (from natural source) developed in Kishen lab was as effective as chlorhexidine-fluoride varnish for reducing bacterial count / plaque in patients undergoing fixed orthodontic therapy.


Reference: Poornima P, Krithikadatta J, Ponraj RR, Velmurugan N, Kishen A. Biofilm formation following chitosan-based varnish or chlorhexidine-fluoride varnish application in patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment: a double blinded randomised controlled trial. BMC Oral Health. 2021 Sep 23;21(1):465. doi: 10.1186/s12903-021-01805-8.