Kishen lab collaborated to treat maxillary anterior teeth with extensive root resorption using light-activated engineered nanoparticles

In this case report, Nandini Suresh and colleagues treated a 17-year-old boy with extensive inflammatory root resorption (IRR) of maxillary anterior teeth with photoactivated chitosan-based nanoparticles, both intra-canal as well as topically on resorptive defects and periapical lesions. This case is the first documentation of successful healing of teeth with extensive IRR with periapical lesions using engineered nanoparticles from Kishen Lab.

Reference: Suresh N, Subbarao HJ, Natanasabapathy V, Kishen A. Maxillary Anterior Teeth With Extensive Root Resorption Treated With Low-level Light-activated Engineered Chitosan Nanoparticles. J Endod. 2021 Jul;47(7):1182-1190.